Survey confirms need for e-Government solutions for environmental permits (23/01/2013)


In November 2012, eEnviPer invited public authorities and experts to provide input into an assessment of the current situation of e-government in environmental permits in Europe.

The results of the survey, published today, contribute to building understanding of the e-government sector in Europe and allow the tailoring of the eEnviPer platform to current needs.

The results of the survey have confirmed many of the assumptions that the eEnviPer project had made at its inception:

In particular, only a very small number of the respondents considered that the environmental permitting process in their region integrates Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). The survey also confirmed that only a few public authorities have started to bring this process into the internet age, i.e., only 9% of respondents thought that public authorities use online application forms. Likewise, only 9% of respondents consider that the authorities use online consultation systems to consult stakeholders on environmental permits.

Data about the number of applications received per year, applications approved per year, as well as the duration of the process, varied considerably from one public authority to another. 40% of permitting authorities claim to receive more than 100 applications per year. Moreover, the responses vary among the different respondent groups; for example, 31% of all respondents considered that the environmental permit process takes between 2 to 4 months from application to approval, while 40% of the permitting authorities mentioned less than 2 months and another 40% between 2-4 months.