Interviewing Indjija: Learning through collaboration (27/03/2013)


In this second of a series of Profiles, eEnviPer explores the experience and lessons learned of one of eEnviPer’s five pilot sites, the Serbian town of Indjija. 


One of eEnviPer’s five pilot sites, the Serbian town of Indjija, lies at the intersection of two of Eastern Europe’s main transport corridors: the Danube and the E75 highway, providing links from Scandinavia through to the Mediterranean. For centuries, life in Indjija has been marked by the Danube and the beautiful landscapes along the river’s course. In addition, fertile soil and the south face of Fruska Gora Mountain have allowed the development of fruit harvesting and vineyards throughout the municipality.

Today, Indjija is busy developing into a modern municipality, promoting innovation and advanced technology in harmony with environmental protection. Dejan Dmitrović, the Head of Urban Planning, Public Utilities and Environmental Protection at Indjija Municipality, is at the forefront of this transition. Wiebke Herding, the eEnviPer Dissemination Manager, had the pleasure of interviewing him in February 2013, during an eEnviPer meeting in Belgrade. He explained the municipality's potential to serve as an example for municipalities in Serbia and beyond, and their experience so far in making the platform a reality. 

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