eEnviPer in Krapina-Zagorje County (31/07/2013)


The eEnviPer project is currently installing and testing a cloud-based e-government solution for the application, administration and consultation of environmental permits in five European municipalities and regions. In this third profile, eEnviPer explores the experience and lessons learned so far of one of the five pilot sites, the Croatian County of Krapina-Zagorje.


Located 50 kilometres north of the Croatian capital Zagreb, Krapina-Zagorje County is an idyllic county with areas of outstanding natural beauty. In addition, many investors point to the high quality of Krapina-Zagorje’s work force, its favourable geographical position for transportation, as well as access to new markets. Balancing its economic development with agriculture (especially vineyards) and tourism, it therefore provides possibilities for the thorough testing of the management of all types of environmental license requests.

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