Greece shows great enthusiasm for eEnviPer (23/11/2013)


Thessaloniki, 22 November 2013. The Greek Ministry of the Environment today endorsed the online platform eEnviPer for the application, administration and consultation of environmental permits. Mr. Stavros Kalafatis, Deputy Minister of the Environment, contributed an opening statement to the 2nd eEnviPer workshop and praised the efforts of the EU-funded project currently being pilot-tested in Crete.

He further stated that every initiative that, like eEnviPer, strengthens the dialogue for the simplification and improvement of environmental permits process, is very useful and has the attention of the Ministry of the Environment.

More than 70 environmental engineers, IT experts, researchers and civil servants participated in the 2nd eEnviPer Workshop and learned about environmental permits, cloud computing and the benefits of the eEnviPer solution.

Dr. Vangelis Kosmidis, President of DRAXIS Environmental S.A., welcomed the participants and presented the framework of the workshop, with a short reference in the current environmental permitting processes and the benefits of the eEnviPer platform. Mr. Mylonas, president of SEPVE (Association of Information Technology Companies of Northern Greece), said in his opening statement: "This effort is important because it brings together the triple helix of the private sector, the public sector and academia. It is important because it has leveraged research results and built an innovative product that will improve public service and democracy, and because it shows that highly skilled companies in Greece - even if they are small, - can make a big difference."

Participants also heard lively presentations from the pilot projects in Greece and Croatia, who shared some of their challenges and achievements in the implementation of the eEnviPer project.

Relevant for new Greek legislation on environmental permits

Following discussions on the review of European legislation on environmental impacts assessments, Greece introduced new legislation for this process in 2011. Dr Alexandros Koulidis from the Ministry of the Environment explained: "This new law streamlines the environmental permits process in Greece, and requires it to move into the digital age. In line with this, eEnviPer’s modularity, expandability and foundation in cloud computing has the potential to transform the environmental permits process – and with it, improve society."

Further information from the Workshop: