eEnviPer in Apulia Region, Italy (28/02/2014)


The eEnviPer project is currently completing the testing of a cloud-based e-government solution for the application, administration and consultation of environmental permits in five European municipalities and regions. This profile explores the experience and lessons learned so far of one of eEnviPer’s five pilot sites, the Italian Region of Apulia.


Located in the southeast of Italy, Apulia covers a total area of 19,358 km², with 800 km of coastline and a population of around four million. Apulia’s strong cultural and trade links in the Mediterranean region, and its infrastructure, make it a region with high economic potential.

As a member of the European Union, Italian environmental regulations have adopted the European Directives on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC).

The eEnviPer pilot in Apulia has been implemented by the Regional Agency for Environmental Prevention and Protection (ARPA Puglia), supported by Planetek as their business partner. ARPA Puglia is a technical body of the Apulia Regional Government. ARPA has an advisory role, but not the authority to issue permits.

With so many public bodies involved in the environmental permit process in Italy, offices suffer from the amount of paper-based documents to be exchanged and other resulting communication problems. This situation means that eEnviPer – which explicitly addresses these issues - is in a favourable position, and very much appreciated.

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