Municipality of Indjija, Serbia

Municipality of Indjija, SerbiaPicturesque village Stari Slankamen, famous for the loess profiles unique in Europe, mineral springs, river full of fish, beautiful banks, sandy isles and beachesA marina on the Danube situated in the rich natural surroundingsPart of the new industrial zone in the town of Indjija

Context and Objectives

The eEnviPer pilot in Serbia was implemented by the Municipality of Indjija, located in the Srem region. It is located on the southern slopes of Fruska Gora Mountain, half way between Belgrade and Novi Sad. The municipality covers an area of 385 km², and consists of 11 settlements with 52,750 residents in all.

The objective of this pilot was to demonstrate the eEnviPer proposed services in a region with high pressure on the environment from growing industrial and infrastructural expansion as well as intensive agriculture, with the high demand for efficient and proper environmental planning.

The Strategy of the Development of Electronic Government in the Republic of Serbia 2009-2013 identified the issue of establishing electronic public services as a core implementation pillar. With a vibrant and fast growing ICT sector (with a two-digit annual growth in the years prior to the financial crisis), the local e-Government market still has a strong potential for new services offered in the cloud, especially due to the fact that almost 87% of Serbian municipalities possess limited ICT infrastructure. The Municipality of Indjija has been chosen on the basis of its leading role in adoption of e-Government services in Serbia. The Municipality of Indjija is a pioneer local government organisation in terms of introducing e-Government services, such as the municipal web GIS system, the e-Government portal System48 and the full personalisation of an e-services approach adopted through the use of electronic signature.

Activities and Implementation

The Municipality of Indjija has been selected to implement the pilot case due to its well-developed e-Government services compared to other Serbian municipalities, as well its high rate of industrialisation and urbanisation which result in higher rates of applications for environmental permits. The pilot case covered the entire life cycle of the environmental permitting process, involving all stakeholders according to the legal framework and administrative practices applied in Serbia. The pilot aggregated services offered by the Municipality (Indjija e-Government and the Municipality’s official web site) and added new value to them through environmental permitting e-government service and environmental GIS that provides spatial environmental data available from multiple sources.

Results and Impact

The results of eEnviPer pilot in Indjija speak for themselves:

  • 1200 users with different roles in the procedure registered during the pilot testing; 
  • eEnviPer received coverage in local and regional media;
  • The project created an admirable and unique knowledge base on environmental permitting; and
  • several procedures were done through the eEnviPer system. 

All this together with positive feedback from the users tell a success story of the environmental e-government service: "It (eEnviPer) shortens time needed for the communication" "enables the applicant to be aware of the current stage of the procedure and the steps to come" "simply enables transparency" These are just some of the comments on eEnviPer made by satisfied investors who used eEnviPer for obtaining environmental permit. Impressions of experts, citizens and public authority users are no less encouraging, stating environmental GIS, knowledge database and available forms as very helpful for successful application procedure, as well as praising the transparency that eEnviPer brings to the entire process.  


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